Car Air Conditioning

Most cars now have air conditioning which on a warm day, is a great piece of technology. Rayments Garage provides a range of vehicle services including air conditioning servicing that you can rely on.

How can you get the most out of your car’s air conditioning? Here are some helpful suggestions.

  1. On a warm day, don’t just put the air conditioning straight on – On a warm day, don’t just jump into the car, close the doors and windows and put the air conditioning on full blast. This probably seems like common sense, but you are simply keeping the warm air in the car, making it harder for the air conditioning to cool the vehicle. Instead, open the doors and windows and wait a short while for the hot air to leave the vehicle before starting the air conditioning.
  2. Park in the shade – Parking under cover or in shade will reduce direct heat on the car whilst you are parked. When you get in, the air conditioning has less work to do to reduce the temperature, and this means less strain on the air conditioning system.
  3. Don’t aim the air conditioning vents straight at yourself – We have all done it – put on the air conditioning and pointed the fans straight at our faces! But this may be preventing the cooled air from circulating and will slow down the cooling process. Instead, point the vents in a way that will allow the air to circulate more freely.
  4. Use the air conditioner regularly – Instead of only using the air conditioner in the summer and leaving it through the winter, it is good to put it on from time to time during the winter. This will keep the air conditioning in working order better than sitting unused for months and will actually increase its useful lifespan.
  5. Regularly take your car for air conditioning servicing – Most importantly, you should regularly book your car into Rayments Garage to have an air conditioning service. By getting a specialist to look over the air conditioning system every year or two, they can make sure that it is fully working. Air conditioning servicing includes refilling the coolant levels, checking for any leaks in the system, and replacing the filters. This is essential if you wish to keep using your air conditioning. With air conditioning servicing, you can also be confident that there are no hygiene issues in the car, such as mould or dirt in the filters that blow through the car with the fans.

At Rayments Garage, we can work with both air conditioning gas types. R134A is found in cars manufactured before 2014. If your car was manufactured after 2014, it will probably use the more environmentally friendly R1234YF. If you’re unsure, get in touch with our team at Rayments Garage in Great Shelford, Cambridge.

Rayments Garage is a well-established independent workshop in Great Shelford, Cambridge, providing a wide range of car and van repairs, MOT testing and warranty and post-warranty servicing. We work on all makes and models, including electric and hybrid vehicles.

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